Thursday, 1 September 2011

My family

I guess there's no better place to start from than where I come from.Mine is a small family of 5; A very wonderful but more of a gango mother(Thank you Lord for her), a rather mysterious older brother, a reserved or should I call her laid back sister(she can talk the ear off you given half a chance though!), and a once-  stubborn- in -an -annoying-but-now- funny-when-we-think-back kind of way.
Among my fondest memories is one of Once Stubborn,then about 9 having her a*** kicked by Laid Back who was about 13 at the time.I can happily announce that this fight ended with dramatic pleas of 'mummy help me, they're killing me, I swear am dying mummy' but no one came to her aid.In case you wondered,it was not Laid Back doing the shouting. Ah,the good times!
At this point,y'all who are beginning to see me as a sadist,are perhaps right but before you go down that route,come, walk with me down memory to another route....
On this anointed day,the household was calm and still with only the stirrings of soft breathing as everyone lay asleep.Time check 7 am, holiday time,that time when every pupil and student maximizes their sleeping hours.For some reason,Once Stubborn decided to wake up at that un-Godly hour to cause mayhem.She jumped out of her own bed and hoped into Laid Back's bed.Now Laid Back has always cherished her sleep(don't we all?)and on another day this would have had her mad at Once Stubborn.I guess on this day the sleep was too sweet to bother with such trivial things.On she slept.At this point let me volunteer a description of Once Stubborn;short and tiny with a surprisingly big butt for her age, and of laid back;tall and kinda slender,generally experiencing the 1st signs of adolescence. 
Once stubborn was not satisfied with the no response response from Laid Back so she began to kick her under the sheets,laid back continued sleeping and silently wished Once Stubborn would get bored and go away.She didn't!It only got worse,Once Stubborn decided to kick Laid Back out of her own bed and her reason?The bed was bought by our father so it is her bed as well.Oh, I didn't say we have a father?we do.Once Stubborn jumped out and attempted to yank the barely awake Laid Back out of her bed.A scuffle ensued,but by this time the mattress was leaning to one side and the bed sheets were no more.Laid Back won the first battle restored order to her bed and attempted to find her dream where she left it.
Madam Once stubborn on the other hand was just warming up.Like a warrior at battle,she charges at Laid Back with shouts of Who do you think you are?This is also my bed,Our father bought it and now(Laid Back had slept in this bed for close to two years) I want to sleep in it!In a moment that was to put silence to who can woop who's a*** permanently,Laid Back gave Once Stubborn a beating that had never been witnessed by the entire household.When she realized Laid Back meant business,Once Stubborn was reduced to pleas of mercy that went unheeded by anybody.We were all secretly celebrating Laid Back's victory and hoping Once Stubborn learns her place,you think?Guess again!


  1. hehe..katabuzi just!

    i cant wait to read more on Mr. mysterious and our gango mama!.

    ps: welcome aboard:)

  2. Nice one here Once stubborn had a huge tush????????